Modern Reference Architectures

Data Architectures on Azure

Microsoft provides some sample reference architectures on their learning portal using variety of their Azure services and wider eco system. Please use read more section to review the analytics reference architecture collection. 

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Sample Azure Data Architecture

Data Architectures on AWS

I have recently come across AWSLab's serverless datalake framework (a.k.a SDLF) . It's a great source for teams starting on the data journey on AWS as it offers an opensource toolkit to handle raw data and convert into the popular parquet format as long as you appreciate knowledge of Lambda, Glue jobs and Python.

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Sample AWS Data Architecture

Data Architectures on GCP

Explore a recommended architecture from Google on how to build a Datawarehouse on GCP using Bigquery.

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Sample GCP Data Architecture

Data Architectures on Databricks

Explore some of the cool stuff delivered by Databricks field teams for customers to accelerate their data journey.

Read More: Databricks Labs and GitHub

Sample Databricks Reference Architecture

Data Architectures on Snowflake

Snowflake has published a list of reference architectures that are handy for different use cases customers may have. Please explore the link in read more section. 

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Sample Snowflake Reference Architecture