boutique DATA, AI and Analytics Consultancy 


Our Experience

We are a really small team of professionals with both on-shore and off-shore presence specialising in Distributed Data processing, Cloud Data Pipelines, ETL Migration and generic data engineering and analytics offerings on both on-premise implementations and cloud implementations. We have been helping several SME and large organisations. Our specialist team is equipped with helping your teams and organisation with all your data needs.

Our Approach

As these areas can be daunting, like many other technologies where technologists keep talking jargon, we would like to take a business centric approach. Our team will strive to meet business needs by having open conversations with businesses in a simple language . 

Why Us?

With a combined experience of over 60 years spanning across all aspects of enterprise data management and tooling around it, we are best placed to provide consultancy or managed service to your organisation in this space, whether it's on-premise or cloud- hosted. And we have strategic partnership with Computomic Software and Consulting and Kushagramati ( to make our offerings comprehensive and cost effective.

Services we offer

Implementation and Migration Support

Our teams have hands on experience of on-premise data warehousing/ETL implementations and ETL migrations to the cloud. We have pool of great talent to support you with your implementation or migration journey.  We will guide you in dealing with legacy data, adopting latest tooling to assist your teams to migrate data workloads to the cloud. We offer an end-to-end (extraction to visualisation) consulting when it comes to data.

Managed Services Support

We operate an on-site/off-shore model for managed services support  to provide best-in-class cost effective service around the clock. We can offer tailored services that suit your requirements in the areas of DBA Support, Application support and monitoring, patching and upgrade services.

Advisory Services

Our SMEs and our extended pool of talent with our technology partners will be ready to help you with any  concerns in the areas of data management that may be bothering you, be it data quality, data lineage, data governance or data migration.